Stopping Bike Theft

Deterring ⋅ Detecting ⋅ Recovering

The Bike:
Bluetooth Sensor

A low cost sensor that fits into your bike frame, making it tamperproof, weatherproof and unobtrusive. The sensor battery lasts for years and pairs with your phone.

The City:
Bike racks and traffic lights

The city fits Bluetooth readers to bike racks and traffic lights to detect if your bike is being moved and where it is going. This helps you to protect your bike and helps the city invest in infrastructure where you need it.

The App:
Theft notification, bike registration and data

The BikeLook app is a 'set and forget' system. It works in the background and only alerts you when there is a potential problem with your bike. It is also a registration so that if your bike is stolen, you have the serial number, photos and other data to prove to the authorities that it is yours.

Data Protection:
The digital exhaust

Our phones and wearables are transmitting data constantly and we are often signed up to services that use it without much benefit to us. With your permission BikeLook uses the data to tell the city about bike journeys so that cyclists get heard!