Bike Theft

Deterring ⋅ Detecting ⋅ Recovering

The Bike:
Radio Sensor and Register

A low cost sensor that attaches to your bike frame and send alerts to your phone. Complemented by an online register of your bike details to aid reporting and recovery.

The City:
Bike Trips and Parking Data

Cities recognise the value of cycling but need data to make investments where they are most needed. BikeLook generates trip and parking data for smart cities.

Fewer Claims, More Loyalty.

BikeLook is a low cost method for insurance providers to help clients protect their posessions. It is a win for cyclists and for insurers and a lose for criminals.

Data Protection:
The Digital Exhaust

BikeLook is built with privacy in mind. We also understand the value of open data and make aggregated and anonymised data available for cities and citizen science.